Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy December! My Holiday Gift Guide

So it's finally December and I've started my holiday gift buying (UH-OH..). I know holiday shopping can be tricky and buying things for those girls and guys who have everything (= almost all my friend) will bring on those headaches. So, I'm here to try and help!

Your BFF, Sister, etc.

Personally, I know I'd be beyond stoked getting this for Christmas so I know I'm being biased but I can't imagine any girly girl who loves getting glammed up every once in a while not enjoying this palette.  The NAKED2 was just released today at but is already sold out, so keep your look out for their arrival at Sephora or Ulta. The original Naked Palette is still available so if your bestie still hasn't gotten her hands on it, it's a definite recommendation and a grade A gift for sure.

2. Gift Cards (various prices)
Jewelmint is a company that is run by Cher Coulter and Kate Bosworth that has original pieces of jewelry that show up in your "Show Room" each month, determined by a style quiz you take when you sign up.  If you join, each month you're charged $29.99 and can pick a piece of jewelry you like to be delivered to you.  If you like more than one, you're more than free to purchase more, and if you don't like anything, you can skip the month and use your credit on a different piece the next month. Giving a gift card would be a lovely opportunity for your friend, sister, bestie, whatever, to check it out and give it a shot.  There are several renditions of this website, such as (run by MK and Ashley Olsen), and (Jessica Simpson),, so those are options as well.

3. Hello Kitty Fisheye Camera ($60 + 20% off with FB20 code)
Last year for my birthday, my girlfriends got me the Fisheye 2 and I was ecstatic! For those shutterbugs out there, any lomography camera would be a fun and exciting gift. Look around Karmaloop and you'll find all kinds of gift ideas! Feel free to use the code to get 20% off your entire purchase. Grab something for your friend, and yourself. Double whammy!

The "Mature" Woman
Moms, Aunties, Neighbors, etc.

I wish I could get this for my mom but I'm 99% sure she'll read this blogpost so no, mom, this is not your gift.  Maybe one day when you forget all about this ;) Anyway, this is such a beautiful gift for a mother.  It comes with 40 cards & envelopes and pockets to store these letters, to be passed on as a family heirloom. You can find more details at the website.

First off, it's important to note that you have to order this by December 9th in order to be delivered by the 23rd, because of the custom nature of this necklace! It's so beautiful, and you can add a birthstone to it as well! If I had the dough, I'd shell it out, for sure.

3. VS Pajamas ($49.99)
I know my mom loves her VS pjs and right now they're doing a promotion for their most-loved PJ's + Free Slippers with the promo code SLEEP11 so if you like to stay up late with your mama, sippin' hot chocolate and watching TV, I would recommend getting her something she'll be warm and comfy in :)

For "Him"
Boyfriends, Guy Friends, Brothers

1. Rayban Aviators ($139)
Or any kind of sunglasses. I got these for my boyfriend a few years ago and he loved them (although I haven't seen them in a while.... hint hint). Aviators never go out of style and if you buy these for him, he might get the hint that those ugly ones he always wears aren't up to par for you. Just sayin'.

2. Gap Scarf ($19.95)
May seem simple, but it's practical, unless you live in Hawaii (....).

Cologne always works wonders, and gets you weak in the knees. So why not choose a scent you like for him to spray on.  Fingers crossed he's not a scent snob and will go with whatever you like. If not, find out his favorite scent and get him a back-up of it.

For Dad or the "Mature" Man

1. Snapfish Photobooks (Various Prices)
So maybe not all dads are sentimental like my dad, but I know this would bring a tear to his eye and would appreciate it much more than the unthoughtful socks (don't lie, I know you've been there) and/or your college shirt (SCU DAD has been worn out already).

For those whiskey drinkers, whiskey stones are pretty standard but these babies are so fun and cute, I think any man could appreciate it.  Especially those with no patience to wait for water to freeze in ice cube trays.

I don't know what it is with men and their fascination with multi-functional knives but this is sure to make your dad smile from ear to ear and get him giddy to start looking for an opportunity to use it.  The blades are 50% thicker than standard blades and have all kinds of functions to it.

I hope these were helpful to those of you who are stumped on what to get the special people in your lives.  Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season and get to spend it with your loved ones :)

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