Friday, November 18, 2011

Review: Panya Bistro

Image Courtesy of Joy of Cooking
For lunch yesterday, I went to Panya Bistro at the Ala Moana Center with a good family friend, Lauren, and I figured why not choose it as my first review here. Panya Bistro is one of my go-to places for a casual but "nice" lunch.  Located in the mall, it's usually pretty busy during lunch time, but I've been lucky most of the times I've gone as I've arrived just as a table opens up.  Their menu is pretty diverse and actually rather interesting.  I love their pupus, especially their karaage, wings and gyoza. Mmm. We got the karaage today to start, and share. Their tofu salad is exquisite, with a creamy goma (sesame) dressing, a healthy amount of tofu and sprouts (my favorite).  Today, I got the shrimp and avocado sandwich on a croissant, and Lauren got the coconut chicken curry, which I recommended.

Lauren's Coconut Chicken Curry 
My shrimp and avocado croissant sandwich
Lauren & I in front of the desserts!
The coconut chicken does not skimp on the chicken.  It also has portuguese sausage in it, potatoes and a bunch of veggies.  Pretty heavy for lunch, but would be a delicious dinner. Lauren ended up taking 1/2 of it home.  We ended up having a dessert but I ended up digging in before a picture because I'm a pig. Ha. Overall, I recommend Panya to anyone and everyone - I think they have a dish for everyone, as their menu is so diverse.  The decor is classy and modern, and it's not too pretentious where you feel like you have to whisper in order to have a conversation.  

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