Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tiny Con of Living in a Tropical State

I would be lying if I said I don't love that Hawaii is warm basically all year around, but it's definitely a con for all fashion lovers who live here - especially those who sweat a lot.......... Ha. Kidding. Kind of.

Don't get me wrong - I love that I can sit around all day in my bikini after a day at the beach, or not feel the need to suck in my tummy after consuming a plate lunch full of kanak attack ensuing "local kine grindz" by wearing a flowy dress that doesn't restrict my breathing.  But, there's a little bit of heartache that is inevitable after watching Fall/Winter runway shows, fur coats on TV, and snow-covered pictures of the East Coast. I see girls at Ala Moana shopping center in coats, and boots, and can't help but wonder, "How the hell are you not sweating?" while I sit there in my maxi-dress and slippers (flip-flops).  I can't express how excited I am to go home to Tokyo over Christmas, and wear all those bulky sweaters and scarves that I didn't even bother bringing here, and to be reunited with my beloved leather jacket.

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  1. I am in Italy and dreaming to live in Hawaii !!!
    I wish I could leave right now...need a vacation !

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